NOAA, with concurrence from OSTP, has established the three Task Forces recommended by the Advisory Committee.

1. A task force on “Partnerships for Actionable Knowledge” will develop options for Advisory Committee products or activities that explore approaches the USGCRP could use to establish and support enduring partnerships to apply available products, identify decision support needs, improve communication and comprehension of climate science, and achieve other sustained assessment objectives.

Participating Members: Maxine Burkett, Lucas Joppa, Kim Knowlton, Kristen Poppleton, and Maria Carmen Lemos.

2. A task force on “Climate data/projections for design processes” will scope options for establishing a sustained dialogue among architects, engineers, state/local planners,climate and physical impacts scientists, and science translators to clarify uses and needs for information on future mean and extreme conditions under a changing climate. The group will consider ways of structuring a dialogue, required participation, information requirements for design processes, approaches for providing/communicating information, resource requirements, etc.

Participating Members: Dan Zarrilli, Jan Dell, Jerry Melillo, and Michael Prather.

3. A task force on “Coastal Community Resilience” will consider how the sustained assessment process could better support cross cutting (regional) analysis of coastal issues. The group will consider integrated urban impacts including the potential for cascades of impacts across infrastructure and systems. Key questions include how assessment-derived information could be used to inform decisions about a broad range of strategies and what additional decision support is needed given extant resources provided through Federal, state, and local channels.

Participating Members: Ann Marie Chischilly, Paul Fleming, Jessica Whitehead, Susan Avery, and Riley Dunlap.

Federal Register Notice for Non-Federal Author Nominations to Lead Regional Chapters of the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4)

The focus of the Federal Register Notice is a call for nominations for non-federal authors to serve as Regional Chapter Leads, Chapter Authors and Technical Contributors. This notice also includes a call for relevant scientific information to inform NCA4. The Nomination period is open until September 30, 2016.

Federal Register Notice for Public Comment on an Annotated Outline for the Fourth National Climate Assessment

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) seeks public comment on the proposed content and scope of the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4). Responses to the Federal Register Notice will be accepted through July 29, 2016.

NOAA establishes new panel to guide sustained National Climate Assessment

NOAA today announced the appointment of 15 members to the new Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment. The committee will advise NOAA on sustained climate assessment activities and products, including engagement of stakeholders. NOAA will ensure the committee’s advice is provided to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) for use by the United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), a confederation of the research arms of 13 federal departments and agencies, which carry out research and develop and maintain capabilities to support the Nation’s understanding and response to global change. OSTP requested NOAA lead the federal advisory committee.

USGCRP is implementing a sustained National Climate Assessment process to help the Nation prepare for the effects of climate and global environmental change. The sustained process facilitates ongoing and transparent interactions among scientists and stakeholders across regions and sectors. This process enables information and insights to be shared as they emerge and supports the quadrennial National Climate Assessment required by the Global Change Research Act of 1990.

The advisory committee's members represent diverse viewpoints, interests of geographic regions of the country, and sectors of U.S. society. Members include experts in physical and social sciences, communication, education, and other topics reflecting the full scope of issues relevant to the sustained National Climate Assessment process. Members are appointed by Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator, in consultation with the OSTP Director, Dr. John Holdren.

The members are:

Dr. Susan Avery, President Emerita, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Ms. Maxine Burkett, Professor of Law, University of Hawai'i William S. Richardson School of Law

Ms. Ann Marie Chischilly, Executive Director, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, Northern Arizona University

Ms. Jan Dell, Vice President, Strategic Development, AECOM

Dr. Riley Dunlap, Regents Professor of Sociology and Dresser Professor, Oklahoma State University

Mr. Paul Fleming, Climate Resiliency Group Manager, Seattle Public Utilities

Dr. Lucas Joppa, Lead Environmental Scientist, Microsoft Research

Dr. Kim Knowlton, Senior Scientist, Science Center Deputy Director, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Assistant Clinical Professor, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Dr. Maria Carmen Lemos, Professor of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

Dr. Jerry Melillo, Distinguished Scientist and Director Emeritus, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory

Dr. Richard Moss, Senior Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Joint Global Change Research Institute at the University of Maryland

Ms. Kristen Poppleton, Director of Education, Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Dr. Michael Prather, Professor of Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine

Dr. Jessica Whitehead, Coastal Communities Hazards Adaptation Specialist, North Carolina Sea Grant

Mr. Daniel Zarrilli, Senior Director, Climate Policy and Programs, and Chief Resilience Officer, New York City Office of the Mayor

Dr. Richard Moss will serve as chair of the committee, and Jan Dell will serve as vice chair. More details will be posted in an upcoming Federal Register Notice and the Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment's website.