Current Activities

The Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment is currently drafting a report on Near-term Recommendations on Sustained Assessment in response to a request from NOAA, on behalf of USGCRP and its member agencies. The request reads:

"In order for the USG to implement a vision for Sustained Assessment in time for the 5th (and future) National Climate Assessment, NOAA requests, on behalf of the USGCRP and its member agencies, that the Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment develop a set of recommendations for a Sustained Assessment process by Spring 2018. We also request a progress or interim report by September 30, 2017.
The recommendations should be feasible, realistic in terms of budget implications, and grounded in the Congressional mandate for a quadrennial assessment."

A draft outline is available for public input (please send comments to Comments received by August 14, 2017 will be incorporated into the initial draft recommendations.

The outline elaborates on four topics:

  1. Identifying the most important data, information, and activities for USGCRP to support assessment of the extent and implications of global change in the United States
  2. Facilitating use of core USGCRP data by the private sector, state/local governments, and university-based and other groups to develop specialized (and potentially commercially-provided) sustained assessment products for end users
  3. Improving the development of partnerships and engagement with users of the assessment
  4. Evaluating the assessment for accuracy, trustworthiness, and utility to end users, to facilitate improvements in the USGCRP and activities of its participating agencies