Meeting Documents

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Meeting Documents for 15 May 2017 Meeting

Outline for Special Report of Near-Term Recommendations on Sustained Assessment

Agency input on outline of topics:

Meeting Documents for 7-8 March Meeting

Reference documents

Opening Remarks

Presentation by Richard Moss: Role and Status of the Advisory Committee on Sustained Assessment

Session 1. Sustained National Climate Assessment (SNCA) Activities

Session 2. Approaches to Sustained Engagement

Session 4. State-level Assessment Activities

Session 5. Task Forces' Working Session

Meeting Documents for 13-15 September 2016 Meeting

US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) and Sustained Assessment

"Sustained Assessment" Vision and Goals

Sustained Assessment Process: Update on Ongoing Activities and Plans

Climate Science Report and Quadrennial Report (NCA4)

Quadrennial Report (NCA4)

Developing a Stratgey for Sustained Assessment

Initial Advisory Group Products

Additional Resources provided by USGCRP

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